Proof of concept

Route Guardian

Redesigning GMaps to ⬆ travel safety

Meta Financials

Should you invest in Meta in 2023


Remember contacts with context


AI chatbot for teams with data silos


AI Tutor for Indian govt's MOOC


The perfect copilot for cloud engineers


Your goto medical chatbot guru and electronic health records system

CSI Sense Zero

Human Activity Recognition without using any camera


Programme to forge student founders

CoffeeCan AI

Copilot for institutional investors

Subspace - Market Research

Business analysis and pitching I did for my friend's subscription management app

TechSoc, IITM

A CMS powered website for technical activities, projects, blogs & hostel leaderboard.


Arranging courses as graph nodes for more informed roadmap planning.

Logistics Backend

A microservice based, graph API backend for a Logistics system

Raftar Website

A CMS-backed website + blog setup, for the team which started it all.....


A simple web3 dapp to send, view testnet Ethereum

Insurance Calculator

For companies purchase group health insurance


A chrome ext. I built cuz accessing, copying imp links had become a headache


A case study product design for e SMEs with e-commerce through WhatShopp

Digital Labs CRX

A Chrome extension over gmail to send medical reports over WhatsApp, Email, SMS

Profile Website

One of many React-TS profile websites with an automated AWS DevOps pipeline


A social blogging platform built using Next JS and Firebase

farmako website

A full blown, SEO optimized website created using React JS.


A PERN stack interactive data visualization software to monitor and optimize an electric vehicle's performance

Scripting Pages

Real-time online coding platform for web development


A social web platform built for the community to share reviews on movies, books, TV shows and more - using NodeJS

Expense Grapher

A web app that graphs your transactions and generates a score based on them.

GitHub Finder

A social connectivity web app created using GitHub API, Materialize CSS and React js


An authenticated community opinion platform created for rating songs created using Firebase


A web app designed to generate, modify and save color palettes.


A music maker using a combination of different sounds and variations in beat frequencies

Meal Finder

A web app that uses MealDB API to search and generate required recipes.


A portfolio designed using GSAP and Scroll Magic


A web app using Pexels API,acting as a pics gallery with search functions.

GitHub Jobs

u A web app that uses GitHub API, React js, Bootstrap to connect jobs and candidates