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When you compete with yourself, your only limit is you.

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Hi !

I'm a tinkering believer who likes to build products and communities from 0 to 1. We are currently witnessing the Renaissance of technology and I am super pumped to know about it as much as I can.


I had a pretty amazing childhood growing up in Mumbai, India. Fortunately, the smartphone era had not taken over, so I spent most evenings playing outdoors & sharing conversations, for hours together. I spent my vacations either travelling or exploring different sports or sci-tech classes.

Growing up and Engineering

As I grew up, I became more and more investigative about a medley of topics such as technology, history, religion and philosophy. I was battered by several fundamental questions such as - Why do we do this ? How does this work ? Can we make it better ? How can we make it better ?

Thus, "building things" came naturally to me. Not the theoretical parts as much as the practical application. The art of creating things. Fixing things. Making them better.
Some of my fondest memories include hours spent fixing a broken printer, helping a carpenter build furniture, exploring AWS's toy-shop, painting flowers & countless other experiences.

I started my programming journey when I wasn't even old enough to understand what it was. For me, the spark began with game development in Java. It was just a bunch of words that when typed together, gave back a pretty cool game. I was fascinated by this world since then.

I've been ramming the keyboard since, harnessing this awesome tool that empowers you to create beautiful things and help society. As of today, I'm a tech-agnostic builder who breathes ideas to life. I fashion a fundamental understanding of core concepts in software engineering such as Algorithms, Infrastructure Designing, Data Management, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, DevOps and Design Patterns
I like books, guitar, self-reflective walks, bad jokes & Maggi noodles.

Last I checked,

I'm a 4th year undergraduate who's making his dent by working with impactful companies across various domains, leading teams & building couple of interesting projects & lasting communities.

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