Proof of concept

TechSoc, IITM

A CMS powered website for technical activities, projects, blogs & hostel leaderboard.


Secure & centralised storage for medical records, searchable by text


Arranging courses as graph nodes for more informed roadmap planning.

Logistics Backend

A microservice based, graph API backend for a Logistics system

Raftar Website

A CMS-backed website + blog setup, for the team which started it all.....


A simple web3 dapp to send, view testnet Ethereum

Insurance Calculator

For companies purchase group health insurance


A chrome ext. I built cuz accessing, copying imp links had become a headache


A case study product design for e SMEs with e-commerce through WhatShopp

Digital Labs CRX

A Chrome extension over gmail to send medical reports over WhatsApp, Email, SMS

Profile Website

One of many React-TS profile websites with an automated AWS DevOps pipeline


A social blogging platform built using Next JS and Firebase

farmako website

A full blown, SEO optimized website created using React JS.


A PERN stack interactive data visualization software to monitor and optimize an electric vehicle's performance

Scripting Pages

Real-time online coding platform for web development


A social web platform built for the community to share reviews on movies, books, TV shows and more - using NodeJS

Expense Grapher

A web app that graphs your transactions and generates a score based on them.

GitHub Finder

A social connectivity web app created using GitHub API, Materialize CSS and React js


An authenticated community opinion platform created for rating songs created using Firebase


A web app designed to generate, modify and save color palettes.


A music maker using a combination of different sounds and variations in beat frequencies

Meal Finder

A web app that uses MealDB API to search and generate required recipes.


A portfolio designed using GSAP and Scroll Magic


A web app using Pexels API,acting as a pics gallery with search functions.

GitHub Jobs

A web app that uses GitHub API, React js, Bootstrap to connect jobs and candidates